Lifeline Response Services


Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that, should you need emergency assistance at any time of day or night, help is no more than a press of a button away. BWTelcom’s Personal Help Button, which is worn on a necklace or a wristband, activates a small in-home unit, called a “communicator,” which automatically dials the Lifeline Response Center nearest you. In about one minute, a Lifeline monitor will respond. If you say you need assistance, your monitor will send the appropriate help, be it an ambulance, the fire department, the police, or simply your next-door neighbor to come and check on you.

Basic Service Package – $30.84/month

Lifeline Voice Communicator and one personal help button

Basic features include:

Voice Communication – a high-output speaker phone that enables clear, automatic two-way communication between the Lifeline subscriber and Lifeline Central for fast response.
Closed-Loop Protocol – alerts the Response Center staff when help arrives or if help fails to arrive at your home.
External Antenna – provides increased personal help button range for enhanced protection in and around larger properties.
Automatic Pulse/Tone Dialing – automatically selects the proper dialing method for your home and eliminates the need for a manual pulse/tone switch.
RSVP Remote Answering Capability– allows you to answer incoming calls by merely pressing the personal help button without having to get the phone.

Installation Charges

• $36.60 one-time fee
• If wiring is needed, there may be additional charges for labor and materials.
• Mileage outside the Benkelman/Wauneta/Hartman service area is charged at $1.95 per mile, one way.