Long Distance Products


BWTelcom Long Distance is easy to apply for, easy to use, and easy to understand. In order to provide the best possible long distance services for our valued customers, we offer several competitive plans:

BWTelcom Long Distance

Go the distance for just 13¢ a minute—anytime, any day, anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. The BWTelcom Long Distance plan has no program fees, so you can concentrate on communicating with friends, relatives, and business associates, all for one simple rate. Make the switch to BWTelcom’s Long Distance plan and start saving today!

Toll-Free (800) Number

BWTelcom also offers toll-free service, which means the person who receives the call pays for the call. This is perfect for keeping in touch with family or friends, especially college students, without the hassle of high-cost collect calls.

Monthly fee is $5 plus 12 cents per minute.